How Will Sexual Conditions Be In The Future.


A complete medical history is a necessity.

for medical disorders and although a rapid climax is a mental condition, it will serve you well to clarify all the factors of your sexual history as it is usually a treatment to prevent premature ejaculation Proves very helpful in arriving at the plan.

Primary and secondary ejaculation

A good place to start is to identify whether your position is classified as primary or secondary. Individuals classified under primary early ejaculation have the condition when they are able to function sexually, whereas those who previously experienced an acceptable level of ejaculation control,

but now find themselves experiencing rapid ejaculation Find they are classified. As an informed condition, delaying premature ejaculation is easier to achieve in life or secondary rapid climax than in primary cases but with determination and correct information in any case, a solution is certain.

Another factor in your history that you want to consider is psychological difficulties.

Medical surveys suggest that psychiatric conditions are more common in men with primary premature climax than in the general population. Have you had a traumatic sexual episode as a child or teenager, discovered by a parent during masturbation, resulting in you being threatened or punished?

Did you have a strict religious upbringing that probably held the wrong view of sex?

How would you rate the second part of your relationship with your partner that is not related to sex? These questions can reveal the deep-seated guilt and shame that lingers in your mind for years and whenever the issue of sex arises mentally comes to the surface again. By following the examples of the above questions, all other questions can be hosted which you can use to find out all your sexual misconceptions.

It would be a natural decision for you to seek a GP or a clinic that specializes in the situation at this point.

If you are comfortable with this, then by all means find a well trained sex therapist, but it is important for you to make an informed decision. Realize that medical science has not yet produced a quick, easy and permanent cure. This means that many so-called doctors are able to make a quick buck by charging for thousands over the counter potency and advice. My advice to you is to do your own research and save yourself a lot of time and money.

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