Heart Disease Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips


Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide,

and an estimated one in three Americans suffer from some form of the disease. Fortunately, when it comes to the prevention of American heart disease, the foundation can help with education, community services and expert advice on heart disease warning signs and ways to stay healthy.

American Heart Institute

Perhaps the most well-known American heart disease prevention foundation is the American Heart Association. A national, voluntary health agency, their mission is to build healthy lives by reducing death from coronary heart disease and stroke, reducing smoking rates, high blood cholesterol, and reducing physical inactivity by 25 percent, with uncontrolled high rates. Reducing blood pressure by 25 percent,

and eliminating the rise of obesity and diabetes.

They provide educational information on a variety of topics, including diet and nutrition, ways to manage your weight, where CPR training, warning signs of heart disease, exercise and fitness, signs of quitting smoking and how you can reduce your risk What we can do for you. Developing heart disease.

Heart Disease Foundation

The Foundation offers several community health programs, including educational lectures at community centers, senior citizen clubs, libraries, schools, employers and retirement centers. Because many people have difficulty asking their physicians questions during a physical exam due to lack of time,

the lectures end with a comprehensive, town hall-style question and answer period. Topics of the lecture include heart disease, cardiac rehab, healthy living habits and ways for children to eat heart-healthy foods. The Cardiovascular Disease Foundation also offers free nutrition workshops for adults and children.

Women’s Heart Foundation

When it comes to heart disease, there is a gender difference between men and women, with men more likely than women to die of a heart attack. The Women Heart Foundation specifically addresses women’s heart health issues. Together with a coalition of executive nurses, women’s heart centers, community health directors, corporate sponsors, civic leaders, and more, they aim to respond to the urgent need for heart disease prevention programs and support early intervention in women.

In addition to providing information about well-being,

health, and nutrition, they also provide healthy lifestyle programs in schools for adolescents, and will correspond with women who have the same diagnosis for one-on-one support .

While these three heart disease prevention foundations differ somewhat in their mission and approach,

there is one issue on which everyone agrees, and this is the importance of preventive screening for heart disease. Mobile health screening companies offer services in cities and towns, local gyms, community centers or churches across the country. The process is usually quick, convenient, easy and painless.

During these investigations,

trained health professionals will test for peripheral arterial disease, also known as pads, abdominal aortic aneurysm, arterial stiffness, high cholesterol, and hypertension. A few select Framingham Offers Risk Analysis, which predicts your likelihood of having a cardiac event in the next 10 years. All information discovered during your screening will be made available to you and your physician within days and is valuable in determining your future treatment for these conditions.

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