If Sleep Disorders Is So Bad, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?


Trying to find out if you have a sleep disorder or if it is just a bad sleeping habit,

the chicken or egg situation may be slight. You may not be able to sleep well due to poor sleep, or if your sleeping sickness is keeping you awake at night, it can also make you unwell.

But do not worry! Here are some ways to decide which of the two is your case:

. If you sleep more than usual during the daytime it is a sleep disorder – sleep disturbances can be attributed to daytime sleepiness. However, most people with poor sleep habits can function well during the day, but if you usually have healthy sleep habits and are experiencing poor quality of sleep, this can be done with a sleep specialist. It is time to fix the appointment.

. Sleep disorders exhibit a consistent pattern – if you see yourself experiencing a sleep problem, such as difficulty trying to fall asleep, not being able to sleep, waking too early, feeling like you might Have slept, while sleeping regularly during the day. It may possibly indicate sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome or narcolepsy.

. Have the unique urge to move your feet while sleeping —

this is a serious warning sign of a sleep disorder called restless leg syndrome. There may be this kind of uncomfortable sensation in your feet, hands or other parts of the body and a unique urge to move your feet. This causes an uncomfortable and itching sensation in the feet and pins and needles.

. Difficulty concentrating at work or school is a warning sign – most people with poor sleep hygiene do not find any harm in work, school or other activities such as driving, so if you find yourself in problems like this When faced with, it indicates a sleep disorder.

. Strong snoring, breathing or gasps during sleep indicate sleep apnea – snoring indicates sleep apnea, especially when followed by silent breathing poses and choking or gasping sounds.

. Experiencing vivid hallucinations in sleep is a sign of narcolepsy —

narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes sudden sleep attacks. Symptoms include hallucinations, sleep paralysis, memory problems and sudden loss of muscle tone.

If he feels lethargic then he does not go to rest and becomes a daily occurrence, it may mean that you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Picture: A model rests backstage before Chen Wen parading the Chenwen Studio Collection during China Fashion Week ImagesNicolas Asuri.

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